Striving for digital equality



To create the world’s largest functioning sales force, disrupting the traditional value chain and distribution of apps, software and services.


By utilising traditional multi-level marketing modules and improving communication and distribution systems, we aim to:

Disrupt and change traditional software distribution channels.
Enable entrepreneurs to charge a fee for software given away for free today.
Supply committed and ambitious salespeople with a library of products, apps, software and services to recommend and sell.
Leverage on crowd and gig economies*
For the first time, truly exploit long tail influencer marketing and direct sales strategies.
*The gig economy is a free market system where organizations and independent workers engage in short and long-term work arrangements. According to the BLS, in 2017 the US gig economy had 55 million participants. It's estimated that 36% of US workers take part in the gig economy and 33% of companies extensively use gig workers